Security Services Provider

We cater for all types of secuity – Retail security, static guarding, events and festivals, weddings and parties, licensed premises, depot security and Rapid deployment. We have a highly trained team of officers who we will deploy to the specification of the job, Our officers are trained in confilict management, conflict defusion, customer services, first aid and all specifications that our customers ask of us as a business. We pride our selves in the people we employ. Our officer’s will deliver a service second to none. They are the face of our buisness and they represent us when working in the diffrent enviroments that we deploy them into. Part of our business the Rapid deployment division is for the last minute Ad Hoc work that you require support with, we will always endevour to supply your business with a specially trained officer for you job specification. We pride ourselves on supporting your security needs with a tailor made package just for you.

With a 24/7 operational control room we are always just a phone call away from you security support, with a dedicated and experienced team to handle your requirements proffesionally and efficiently. We can deploy our trained security personnel to your demise within the hour.


Door Supervision

Door supervisor often known as door staff, and doorman as per British Standard BS7960 is a person employed to decide the suitability of customers to be allowed in to premises and/or to maintain order and public safety. It is crucial for the door supervisors to maintain a professional and helpful attitude at all times.

Door supervisor often known as door staff, and doorman as per British Standard BS7960 is a person employed to decide the suitability of customers to be allowed in to premises and/or to maintain order and public safety. It is crucial for the door supervisors to maintain a professional and helpful attitude at all times.

Central Security Support Provide highly trained and fully licenced door supervisors to various industries in private and public sectors. Our security staff undergoes a full 5 years screening to BS7858 standards before commencing operational duties. We have a pool of experience staffs that are serving our customers in the event of emergencies or to assist with new contract.

All security staff are being subject to rigorous background checks as per our system that comply with British Industry Standards, BS7499 and BS7858 and are SIA licenced by Security Industry Authority (SIA). Integrity, reliability and competence of security are vital and ensured before deployment on site. We also continuously assess and improve door supervisory services to exceed customers expectations. Our officers are trained and refreshed on a regular basis’s, so that they are uptodate with the ever changing climate and the laws rules and regulations that govern industry.



Retail security has always been at the heart of Central Security Support and represents a significant part of our core business. We understand the important contribution to the image and overall profitability of our Customers retail operations that quality security officers can have when combining a friendly reassuring presence with strong security awareness. We work with each of our retail clients to fully understand their culture, strategy and deliver a service that meets their needs exactly. We will always listen and understand the needs of our Customers and deliver a support package tailor made for them.

All officers assigned to retail sites have been specifically recruited, selected and trained for that role. We ensure that our officers know what they are doing and understand their role so that our clients can be confident in them and their ability to do what is expected. Our retail training program is comprehensive, comprising both theory and practical role play scenarios.

All officers are regularly visited, coached and mentored by their dedicated area manager to ensure that they have full confidence in their role and environment and continue to develop. Service meetings are held with the client at schedules to suit to ensure KPIs are on track and impeccable service delivery.


Reception and Coincerge Security

At Central security Support we understand how important it is to have the best people securing your hotel or office complex, not only to protect your assets but to represent your business well and project the right image to your customers. Smart, friendly and well trained officers with good communication skills are essential to enhance your brand and customer experience.

Whether patrolling internally or externally or providing a welcoming presence at the entrance, our fully licensed and trained security officers provide peace of mind to your guests, reassuring them that they are in a safe environment. All our officers are trained in conflict management and de-escalation. In busy city centre hotels, our officers are very effective at supporting staff at night by preventing or dealing with unruly behaviour.

The presence of Central security Support trained receptionists within a commercial or mixed use complex serves to make staff and residents feel safe, which is usually a crucial requirement for those that rent space in the building.

Our security receptionists focus on the security of the building and keep an eye on things like whether a fire door is blocked. They provide help in case of incidents, form part of evacuation teams and much more. In addition, they perform general receptionist tasks such as booking meeting rooms, handing out access control cards and directing visitors, With a proffesional and coutreous manner, Our officers are trained to the highest grade to make sure that they will give the maxium preformance whilst working in our customers demise, and have the knowledge and understanding to back up their proffesionalism.


Depot and Warehouse Security

Warehouses can be vulnerable areas which are not easy to control. Internal and external theft present a high risk for our Customers at its busy distribution centres. Central Security Support strategy is focused on prevention, providing well trained vigilant officers to monitor and control the movement of stock in the warehouses and act as Drivers mates during wholesale deliveries.

The Customer requires fluctuating Security Guarding cover at the retail stores across and Depots , patrols of the warehouses, supporting drivers and recording stock movement, CCTV monitoring, control of contractors and access control. Central Security Support also provides additional resource for the many special events that take place across the year, possessing a high level of vigilance and strong security awareness. Central security Support will delivered exactly what we promise in your requirments. We will provided a fantastic team of consistent, reliable officers who are committed to the job in hand.


Static Guarding

Static site officers are operative and help maintain a professional image for companies. All of our static site officers carry out the necessary tasks to keeping any company safe and secure. We know how important it is to have a high level of security and no tolerance policy to unauthorised personnel. This is why we believe that static site officers will help and improve and drastically raise security levels. Elmsvyne Housing has utilised our officers for all their new build projects guarding their plant and properties. they have praised our highly trained officers for stopping intruders and the theft of valuable machinery and property from their sites,

Where our a Static Officer could help?

Static site officers can perform a range of tasks that can assist companies and reducing the risk of any threats. Here is a list of roles that a static site officer can conduct:

  • Examining if windows and doors are secure and/or locked.
  • Helping to avoid damage from any external threats.
  • Averting any damage that may be caused to goods and materials.
  • Safeguarding any machinery that is located on the site.
  • Dealing with situations such as incidents and accidents in a proficient manner.
  • Coordinating with all members of staff on site when security measures are breached.
  • Sustaining high levels of communication between all staff members.
  • Giving guidance and recommendations to uphold high levels of security within the site.


Events and Festival Security

Your event is very important so making sure it runs smoothly with safety and security at the forefront of the event is vital. this last year because of concerns that have arisen Security is essential to make you event run smootly. At Central Security Support we believe that there is a lack of good service and quality in a lot of the Security Services available in this Country, especially with festival and event security with un-licenced staff working with someone else’s badge details (ghosting), cash in hand security operatives so then un-insured security operatives, sub- standard guards (anyone with a badge) covering many positions that they are not experienced to secure and working very long shifts, Many security companies don’t ever meet their staff until the 1st day. We however at Central Security Support Vigorously vet and make sure our officer’s are capable and professional, and are able to take on the task to hand in a professional manner, they are the face of our company and we need to know that our officers will do the job to the requirement of our customer. This is why we will make sure all our tests and vets are passed before we deploy an officer to any event or festival.

We also cover the following events

  • Weddings
  • Parties
  • Social Gatherings
  • Crowd control
  • Stewarding
  • fun day events.


Key Holding

The cornerstone of our outsourced security offering is our keyholding service. By safeguarding a set of keys to your property, we are on-call for any emergency services that you require from a 24 hours a day operational control room , whether Thats responding to an alarm activation, letting in the builders or patrolling the property.

Keys are stored, unmarked, at your local key vault or mobile unit, in accordance with regulatory standards, so we can provide alarm response, lost key services and access to approved contractors, all completely safely and with no disruption to your life.

We can provide you with signage for your property to advertise that the building is Keyholding Company protected. Displaying this prominently can provide a visible disincentive to would-be criminals and prevent instances of break-ins and damages


Mobile Patrols

Central security Support can provide patrols of a property, at random or pre-arranged times, to act as a visible deterrent to any would-be troublemakers. Such patrols can be site specific, or we can also provide a local security presence to cover a number of properties and streets. We endevour to meet the needs of our customer with a tailor made security support package just for your needs, we understand that every customer is an individual and has needs that are specifically for them, we listen understand and then develop a support package directly with the customer.